She falls

This flawless portrait,
Of endless beauty.
Pair of pearled eyes,
Had set me free.

Feathers are scattered,
Blinded eyes to see.
Ebbing tears, priceless!
None see how worthy.

Angel like beauty,
Her broken wings.
The sorrow she holds,
Silently sings.

Evanescing sight,
Languishing she walks.
Cant reach the sky,
No door she can knock.

Her thoughts are lost,
The blue she feels.
Can’t take a step,
Falls on her knees.

Scarred ,broken,
Helpless, she cries.
Lifts her chin,
With an urge to fly.

Her eyes are filled,
With the sea of sorrow.
Thought on her mind,
There is no tomorrow.

-Shirshendu Piplai

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