Amorphous Anarchy

The Recalcitrant creator, turns rage and amok
The elements of nature, ready for havoc.
The kind witness had stopped to pretend,
Reign of humanity comes to an end.

Mankind in reclusive, turns heady,
Creator’s loathe for all human heresy.
The endless usurp amongst all,
Cried the creator for anarchy call !
Chaos, slaughter through the doomsday eve,
Now all creations turn naive.
Atheism, mankind had taken its side,
Now he started the anarchy ride.

Strong mankind, against god like titan,
Ordered the creator, unleash the Satan !
Dark libretto echoed round the sphere,
Halitosis came from everywhere.

Sadistic, malicious morbid satan arrived,
Fear of death had now thrived.
The sky had chosen its crimson hue,
Mankind in knees, to pay its dues.
The amorphous god had globule of mercy,
With a horde of massacre, ended the anarchy.

Shirshendu Piplai

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